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National Western Stock Show
Grand Champion Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu Bull
- TBR Mitsufuku 2 9029W - Semen available $35/unit


Welcome to Triangle B Ranch, Inc.

Triangle B Ranch, Inc. is a Fullblood and American Wagyu cattle operation locateed in Eastern Oklahoma 15 miles north of Stigler, Oklahoma. Our goals are to provide our customers with the very best Fullblood Wagyu genetics, the highest quality Wagyu beef products, and exceptional customer service. We treat every customer as a partner because we believe long term success is the result of partnerships where we all win. We are very strong supporters of the Wagyu breed and are active members of the Texas Wagyu Association and the American Wagyu Association.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our products or just want to find out more information about our operation or Wagyu in general, please browse our web site, send me an email, or give me a call at (918) 471-5939. We are seeing a lot of new interest in Wagyu cattle and believe that the best is yet to come! Come on and join in with us and let's grow this breed and improve the quality of beef across America.

Don Brown
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